Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 8: What are 3 passions you have?

This is easy!! It's the same old things I always post about!

1. My Family!! They are all hand chosen gifts from God!

2. Breastfeeding, why give your child an inferior food? Breast milk is free, the best food for them, always there, warm, no bottles. It helps burn calories so you can return to your prepregnancy weight sooner. Did I mention it's FREE?!?

3. Car seat safety. Why put your child's life in danger in the car? Education is Key. When you know better, you do better (usually). If I was ever in an accident I know that my children are as safe as I can possibly make them. That makes putting them in the car easier on me. Know the laws, it's 1 AND 20 as a BARE minimum  But why let your child be a minimum? Most convertible car seats go to 35 or 40 lbs. Keep their little spines safe! Keep them Rear facing until the maximum! Check out your state's laws car seat laws keep your babies, and children, as safe as you can!!

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