Wednesday, August 8, 2012

30 Day blog challenge...jumping on the train

Day one is listing 10 random facts about yourself. Lets see...hmmm....OK here goes nothing.

1.) I suffer from panic disorder. It has ruled my life for some time now, I am currently feeling better than I have in years.

2.) I love to cook and bake. I love sugar!

3.) I try to practice gentle parenting, and sometimes I fail miserably :(

4.) I love my job, but it causes me so much stress. 

5.) We live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath single wide trailer, I am hoping we can buy a bigger place soon. 

6.) If we were rich, we'd have more children. But we're not, so we're done. 

7.) I chose my blog name so I had a place to be positive and a place to be negative. I go from happy to pissed in 2 seconds then to depressed and crying. I need an outlet for both. 

8.) I LOVE Cafemom!! I just wish I lived closer to some of my mommy friends. 

9.) Laundry freaking sucks! My big dirty secret is the pack and play full of clothes in my room. 

10.) Natural alternatives are my thing, I make our laundry soap, general cleaning solution, toilet cleaner, tub cleaner. I tried cloth diapers but I can't get them to be non stinky. So I'm done with them. I am an extended breast-feeder  my daughter is currently 20 months and still nursing constantly. 

It does say 10, but I'm not done :)

11.) I also practice extended harnessing and extended rear facing. There is no excuse worth the safety of my children. They will stay as safe as I can make them in a car for as long as possible, I try not to judge others but I don't understand why they would take that chance. 

12.) I get pretty paranoid, and the internet doesn't help. I can not see your face or hear the infliction in your voice so I wonder why I'm such a bad person that no one wants to respond to. I notice who does and who doesn't and it hurts my feelings to feel ignored, or just tolerated. 

13.) I am soft hearted and take most things personal. 

14.)  I love my therapist!

15.) Gotta go see her today! I'm going to go get ready then head to the farmers market, and my appt then the library. I have a feeling this is going to be good for me! Thank you, @dawn'sdisaster


  1. Yes we have many things in common!!! I really do wish we lived closer!!! LOVE the picture of the kids!! Man they are growing up so fast!!!

  2. We are a lot alike. I wished we lived closer! Great post!